A wireless bra is always a concern for the sisters because it can be broken at any time, perhaps so that the women always prioritize choosing more wired bra. However, with increasingly improved design and high demands of the sisters, wireless bras are increasingly popular. But, how do you avoid being worn out? Join B. Lingerie to discover the tips of wearing a wireless bra nhé!

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When do you need a wireless bra?

Wireless bra suitable for shoulder-belt and two-wire dress

The shoulder coat, or the two-wire coat will surely make you more sensual and seductive. But, when combining these two coats, the wired chest will make the set. Therefore, the wireless bra is born as a solution for you.

Nowadays, the wireless bra is designed with a variety of designs such as: Wireless bra type horizontal cup style, wireless bra horizontal belt, bra, chest, strap throughout,… To meet the variety of models that girls want to coordinate with.

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How to wear a non-slip wireless bra

Choose the wireless bra for "round a" small

The selection of wireless undergarments when there is a small round is not simple, because the chest is not too strained, there is no point of sticking to the bra. At this, select the following product requirements:

Choose the full-result Chest Cup

If your "Go cotton" is a little "modest" then it is recommended to wear a shoulder delay or a multiple openings design in the last round. However, if you too love these fashion models, you need to be aware when choosing the accompanying wireless bra model. Keep away from the half-cup shirts, instead choose a full cup jacket to form the plump mountain.

Choose a high grip design pattern

If your "Double mountain" is "modest", the formation of a fixed wireless bra is quite difficult because there are no "fulcruts". Moreover, you need a more hugging jacket as possible so as not to reveal a pair of fake mountain pairs. Therefore, when choosing a wireless bra to remember:

  • Preference for samples in the back are the ones that have a grip along the seam to increase friction and adhesion.
  • Choose the shirt with a large back so that the breasts are well positioned, avoid exposing
  • It is recommended to use various adjustable hook-up patterns to easily hold the coat more closely after wearing a few times.

Select a wireless bra for "round a" to

Wireless Bra back to positioning chest certainty

The round one to seem unsuitable to the wireless bra by generating more pressure at the round one especially when campaitricable. For this jacket, the big breasts are prone to tight deformation and sometimes create a feeling of shortness of breath, discomfort to the wearer. However, just a little delicate in the way of choosing, you can completely look at the wireless bra in a confident, comfortable way.

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Choose the right dress size?

You should not choose a wireless bra according to the size of the wired jacket that you usually wear, in this case, you should choose a wireless jacket smaller than normal size 1 size to be able to create a grip between the bra and chest. Or if you are afraid that the size of the breasts is not guaranteed, you can choose the right size bra but the parts of the back need a lot to adjust the fit.

Priority Wireless bra Big back

The further back to the wireless bra will become more sure as it increases the friction with the wearer's body. With this type of design, you ladies can freely exercise without worrying or deflected on one side. Moreover, the legs to the front of the breasts are also very damaging to help the chubby girl skillfully cover the two fat rings.

In general, the wireless bra possesses many advantages while simultaneously co-existence many disadvantages to overcome. Therefore, B. Lingerie does not encourage you to use regularly by being able to influence the health of the round one.

With the information just shared, hope to bring you more experience when choosing a wireless bra!

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