When choosing a bra with a long dress to note?

The Vietnamese daughter has a pride with a traditional long dress, a cultural and unique beauty of the nation. But for a more charming long-sleeved jacket, it is very necessary to choose a shirt template wearing a suitable length in design and size. Then let B. Lingerie share with you some tips on choosing the right underwear.

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How should I choose a bra wearing a long jacket?

Choose Bra in the right breast

Bra with long sleeves help ring a more perfect

The right coat for your breasts will help women fill up the cons to create a more perfect ring. That’s why, before choosing which you need to determine which are the disadvantages that a ring is experiencing.

  • When the breasts are rather small and low-breasted, the coat has a thicker layer of cushioning than normal or water cushions to help round a plump.
  • When big, but not close to each other, it has thin lining to create the natural but needs a lifting design to make the two breasts form the Y slot.
  • If the big breasts are sagging, the body should wear a jacket with a frame and back to the shirt and have pads to push the chest back in the right position.
  • If the chest is irregular, one side to a small side should be flexibly modified by the small chest side thicker than the other side so that both are balanced equally.

Choosing the right bra designed to suit the dresses

Remember, even if you are small breasts or a concern with your chest too terrible you should not choose a different type of bra than the standard size. This has not only a lot of health effects, but it also causes an aesthetic loss when combined with a long dress. It can be said that in the lower part of the tunic and widely sewn but the design of the top to hug the ring, it is necessary to coordinate the Italian with the inner coat. The embellished, revered coat will depict the maximum beauty of the body when worn in a tunic.

Secretory pattern, motifs

A smooth bra pattern that is more suitable for wearing a tunic

Another thing to note for long-sleeved bras is the Austrian motifs. For long sleeves of garment with a fabric or thick cloth, you can comfortably choose the lining product in color, with a showy pattern. However, if the tunic is sewn with silk, satin or thin tulle, the study section or stone applique, the beaded on the bra will cause aesthetic loss. Yes, no more sparkling breasts, these decorative patterns will be on the top of the jacket, which is not flat, less graceful.

Choose the bra colors dressed in the proper dress

It is quite similar to choosing a jacket when wearing wedding dresses, a long wearing bra should be coloured to coordinate the rhythm and increase the elegance of the outfit. Meanwhile, the product is too showy only to make the ring become unclean and wicker. In addition, for long models with many colors, the coat should be selected with the mainstream color. In this case, you can also use white or black undergarments as they can adapt to all colors.

Tips for wearing dresses

How to choose a bra wearing wedding dresses

As some of the notes mentioned, it is necessary to depend on the design and color of the wedding dresses to select the bra wearing the appropriate long coat. Usually the wedding dresses will be red color, pink or white, so the lining color should also choose color coincided to increase aesthetics. Besides, pay attention to the shape of the chest to select the bra to fix the related errors.

Choose a bra wearing a white long jacket

For the white long, the pattern or the color of the inner coat is very easy to expose especially when the jacket material is quite fragile like silk, tulle, non-gloss. Therefore, it is advisable to make a smooth, human skin color or white color according to the costume is the most appropriate.

Choose a bra wearing a white long jacket

Choose a bra wearing a long, colorful shirt

The long-sleeved shirt from the front fabric will be very simple in wearing a combination bra inside. Firstly, the fabric is quite thick and does not reveal the color of the bra, the second, the new shirt is usually not close to the body and there are many patterns, embroidered decorative, so there is not too much concern with the decorative bra patterns or showy.

Choosing a bra dressed in a tunic breast

Small breasts often lose confidence with themselves while wearing a tunic but do not choose too thick pads to become plump. In contrast, moderate cushioning will help the breasts become more natural and create a pleasant sensation.

In general, there is no uniform pattern for a bra wearing a tunic that needs to be customized for the most suitable. However, with these B. Lingerie tips just presented, you will be sure to have more experience to choose a template for your clothes. Wish you success!

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