How to choose the right bra size for beautiful females

Maybe you're happy with the bra you're using but are you sure it's the best fit? In fact, a lot of people are not wearing the exact size of their bra and influencing health without knowing it. So what are the typical effects of a tight bra and what is the best choice for a bra size? Let B. Lingerie help you answer these questions with the following content.

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Why pay attention to how to choose the right bra size?

Choose the right bra size to help protect your ring

The wrong bra with the size of the ring is not beneficial in contrast to cause a lot of hazardous harm to health. That's right, the bra is too cramped to cause shoulder and neck pain by squeezing up nerves for a long time every day. Furthermore, the oversized bra left the red stripes on the body, causing the pumpkin tunnel to make the skin prone to inflammation, pimples or redness.

Some studies also indicate that the bra was too tight to contribute to increased likelihood of breast cancer in women. The long-term compression and compression jacket makes the blood difficult to circulation and gives the opportunity for abnormal tissue cells to develop.

In addition, when wearing a wider jacket than normal also brings much disadvantage to the pectoral ovary. In this case, the breasts are not well-supported, cause discomfort during intense mobility and increase the risk of sagging. Therefore, choosing the right bra size is essential for protecting your health and getting optimum aesthetics.

Guide to measuring the size of the standard bra

Before proceeding with measuring the size of the first round, it is necessary to prepare the wire and writing paper to record the figures. Another small note is that it is recommended to wear a conventional bra instead of a padded bra too thick when measuring to give the most accurate results. It is best to choose a bra or a cloth coat to lift a good chest without affecting the results. As such, it is quite simple to know the standard bra size of yourself by following these steps:

Step 1: Calculate your waist measurements

The measure of the dorsal ring also known as a pectoral leg is one of the most important factors to determine exactly what size you need in the shirt. Therefore, the measurement of the leg of the chest needs to be precise. Specifically, you need to cloak the cord around the chest, making sure the plane forms from the perpendicular wire to the ground. In addition, the wire only fits right to the size of the chest leg, should not tighten or loosen too hand.

After making sure that you've done the right direction, you'll need to record the measurements that are rounding them to the next number based on the metric table to proceed to the next step of the lookup. Note, if the chest leg is 35.5 then the readings of the pectoral leg must be 36. Alternatively, it is possible to switch to CM unit for more convenient lookups in our country unit tables.

Step 2: Calculate the number of bust measurements

Need to keep the rope properly when measuring the chest

Do the same way to measure the bust for the top of the chest to get the second parameter before examining the figures. Using the cuff around the top of your chest or the person you need to measure, pay attention to wire in the highest part of your breasts for accurate figures. Also rounded the same number to get the measurement for the bust part.

Step 3: Calculate the size of your coat based on measured figures

To calculate the standard bra size, you just need to follow the following formula and use the results to look at the table below:

Jacket Size = chest measure – dorsal measure

Standard bra size Measurement table

Other notes in choosing the right bra size

It is preferred to choose the bra without frames

Choosing the right bra size helps you get safety for your health as well as long-lasting aesthetics for your physique. However, besides choosing the right shirt, you also need to pay attention to satisfy the following characteristics:

  • Choose a soft, breathable jacket to give you a comfortable feel for the sensitive skin of the first round
  • Genuine items should be selected to ensure the quality of the material, dye as well as the standard form for the shirt.
  • It is not recommended to choose shirts with too high breast lift or too thick foam to wear for a long time
  • Prioritize the bra with a casual wear or travel to ensure comfort and ease.
  • Avoid using chest patches instead of bra as there is no costly support and easy to hurt the skin.

In general, choosing the right bra size is pretty easy with just the way you share it. To get the standard chest and ring health, you should take the right measure of your round! B. Lingerie wishes you success.

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