3 kinds of hack wire undergarments to fit for each outfit type

In order to be compatible with a wide variety of shirts, you should learn a few hack wire bras with underwear straps. This does not only help you to use more flexible clothing, but it is also a lot of effort to find a true bra that suits your garment. And the following are suggestions from B. Lingerie.


About the characteristics, classification and uses of female bras

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When to get the bra cord?

With the usual bra do you think you can wear with how many different ways or simply wearing a single tutorial from the manufacturer? Today's most varied outfit is the clothing model for women. To coordinate with overly brush-like dresses or coats, sometimes you won't be able to find the right coat as desired or find it very difficult.

A little "phase" with the traditional bra itself, sometimes with a joint combination with a coat strap will help you to solve the problem quickly. Think about it, with a collar, a tall neck, a heart neck, or even a fake that chooses a wireless coat that's enough to handle it. But for three-hole coats, the coat is not neck, the chest is deep.,… How should it be solved?

Hack cord fitting underwear suit by dress

For a few simple shirt samples, you just need to hack the shirt cord is enough rather than the underwear cord. Specifically:

Handle the cord with shoulder deflection, shoulder-deflection dress

Hackable dress cord with self-confident shoulder

You just have to remove an open shoulder strap is OK, but with this way, the jacket line has only one unqualified side to lift both of the pectoral scales together. Therefore, Austria may coat will be translated while wearing, not positioning a good round.

In order to overcome the mentioned situation, you need to keep both cords, but you will need to mix by removing the back hook and put it together in the seat of the back jacket. As such, the line of the jacket will lie on the slanted lines towards the other shoulder without being exposed.

And a more creative way that you should also try it is to decorate the exposed jacket cord and remain in its standard position. To do this, you need a little binder and motifs such as pearls or daisy jackets or any other pattern that suits your coat. Start pasting them onto the coat strap (you can replace it with the cord in to increase the aesthetics) and leave it dry after a few minutes then reattach the original position.

 Handle collar when wearing neck flaps

Neck jacket when removing a coat cord

It is also quite easy to handle the wiring without using a cord or hooked up. Specifically, the downside to processing is to make the coat disappear from the sides of the shoulder. You can completely wear a cordless jacket that does this. But if you are a skilled person who is not assured and always afraid of a cord, you can hack the cord in a diagonal way, replacing the position of the two wires on the back together. It also applies when you wear a three-hole sports jacket.

In addition, some of the dorsal blouse is not applicable to cross-wire as instructed but also not "CA difficult". In this situation, to keep the sides of the chest is protected and well-supported, you should remove a coat cord. For the rest of the cord, remove the rear connectors, and put them in the front of the rope. So, in this situation you just need to go to a cord with a coat and you can replace a rope in order to increase aesthetics.

To handle the coat in the back

Deep-back dress with coat straps

The problem does not belong to the shoulder strings that are associated with the coat's horizontal cords. In order for no one to see the horizontal cord, you need to use a underwear connector with two garments that are paired with the connector corresponding to the seat. Accordingly, instead of being put on the back as usual, you will connect a cord with the coat strap and cloak it in front of the abdomen and then loop behind and get into the second connecting spot. In this way, the horizontal coat has been moved to the optimum and ready for you with a deep back jacket.

In general, there is no need to always buy new coats to coordinate with different types of outfits. The new purchase needs a lot of effort to choose from and contribute to making the wardrobe more cramped. B. Lingerie believes that you can be creative in order to get more ways of wearing with the bra in possession of the help of a underwear strap. Wish you success!

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